A woman that is one level above a jump off but always a step below the wife, wifey, girlfriend. A side bitch must know her part. She does not get holiday's, birthday's (other than her own). While he may meet your family. You will never meet his.
A side bitch is a woman who will have sex on Feb. 1-13 and spend Valentines day alone.
by class09 January 31, 2009
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A female who is having a romantic or sexual relationship with another female's significant other or spouse. She may truly be in love with the "taken" individual. The "taken" person may or may not necessarily reciprocate the feelings, but the fact remains nonetheless that s/he has a "main girl" and is cheating on her with this female.
As it turned out, Ashley was James's side bitch, and we were just as shocked as anyone else.
by Fredricka-Louise July 25, 2015
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Usually a girl best friend that's pretty close that you wanna fuck when you have a girlfriend. Most commonly an ex-best friend/friend of your girlfriend.
Tom: Damn Tracy is pretty hot i wanna make her my side bitch
Lance: Dude what about your girlfriend Hannah?
Tom: She doesn't need to know about my side bitch
by dic...tionary October 28, 2014
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when a girl is not exactly his girl. Someone who he treats as he should his girl but never commits to her. She usually feels like shit.
Cole: why don't you go with Tanner?
Me: Im just his side bitch....
by AlleyKatt December 30, 2015
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Side bitch is a female who can't get a man of her own so settles on being a fuck. Ladies if u choose to be a Side bitch careful not to catch feelings and when u in the presence of the Main bitch u better step ur ass to the side where u belong!;)
Juan is married but I heard he also has a side bitch! Home wrecker, Hoe, Fuck buddy,
by Chiludo I think not!! February 18, 2016
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Noun - (Pronounced: Side Bitch Squared) - A woman that is content being the 3rd female in a guy's life. She is the side bitch to the side bitch or the Number 2-Number 2.
I don't know how DJ has time for anything. He has a wife, a side bitch, and a side bitch²
by Chalmette Mayor June 30, 2015
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When one person in a commited relationship suspects the other is being unfaithful to him/her, by cheating with someone else secretly on the side.
Regan: I know Meredith is cheating on me. He's been acting weird lately.
Holden: Weirder than usual? It could be all in your head.
Regan: No, no, no. He definitely has a side bitch--and that side bitch is CASSIDY.
by Babydoll75 April 5, 2019
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