Shitty But Satisfying. A situation or act that seems, upon first glance, to be shitty, but actually turns out to be okay in the end. Best used in sports to describe something that had bad form but ended up alright anyway.
Matt: *swings golf club* Damnit! That shot totally went right to the trees!
Alex: It went over them, stupid. That was just an SBS shot.
by Uisukii January 17, 2009
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SB's - Short for slut bags. When you are amongst friends and want to let your friend know the girl he is talking to will bang on the first night.......
Dude whats with the SB? You going to the ATM (see ATM definition for reference) later?
by IBangMilfsForFun August 16, 2004
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technically a ShadeBall Supreme. usually an unwanted individual imposing their vulgar/offensive/annoying/disturbing presence upon you.
Mary: Rich came over last night. He's the worst neighbor ever. He stayed for 2 hours when I was trying to do my homework and even though I was ignoring him he just kept talking about his plans to transport "his friends mystery goods" this weekend.
Alice: ugh, I know. Last week he was talking about how he wanted to assault his boss at Cracker Barrell with a maglight. What a SBS!!
by Hilaryus April 03, 2006
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uhhhh... she got sbs... stanky booty syndrome.stanky booty, stanky booty.
by talana March 18, 2008
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John: Man i have a SBS right now.

Peter: What?

John: I have a sweaty ball sack, duh!
by River Rat 83 July 21, 2011
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Yesterday I asked by boyfriend to take out the trash and he left it on the front porch, again! Thats the thrid time this week he has been SBS on me.
by doodle-me March 30, 2010
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