Stupid Bitch Syndrom (SBS) is a mental disorder afflicting young heterosexual females, first diagnosed in late 2000.

Symptoms include acting like a stupid bitch, and an inability to make decisions.

The SBS victim will often have a
string of boyfriends, but will be unable to commit to any of them.

The SBS sufferer prefers to have someone else make up their minds for them, ending up in relationships with
border-line psychotic men.
The infamous real-life "runaway bride" is the perfect example of someone afflicted with SBS.

Katie Holmes joining the religion of Scientology in order to please Tom Cruise is classic SBS.
by mkc July 01, 2005
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SBS is unfortunately becoming a rather large epidemic, across North America and possibly spreading to much of Europe. SBS is the inability to perform regular activities without, complaining, irritating other individuals, and having small to large emotional meltdowns over things that no one else even notices.

The most common activities that the SBS will come forward and present itself is, " trying to turn up with the squad", Being asked what you would like to eat with a boyfriend or girlfriend, even being asked questions in general.....

Unfortunately there isn't any specific method to treat SBS however, there has been some incidents with individuals miraculously stopping the behavior of SBS and this is generally due to " growing some balls" or " taking one for the team".
yo why is Aron acting like he's got Stupid bitch syndrome?
by BIgBonusB March 10, 2016
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Stupid Crazy Ass Bitch Syndrome (SCABS) is an extremely common disorder in females. SCABS infects more than 95% of females over the age of 43. Symptoms include idiocy, delusion, irritability, and overall extreme cuntish behavior. A woman with this syndrome is called a 'SCAB.' Unfortunately, SCABS can cause irritation, emotional distress, marital problems, and, in extreme cases, psychosis in the spouse or significant other.
My wife has a chronic case of Stupid Crazy Ass Bitch Syndrome (SCABS). She is just like a bloody real scab, the longer it's around the uglier it gets.
by TTIII June 05, 2016
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stupid bitch syndrome is a debilitating illness that is developed when you get every person you’ve ever shown interest in except for that one person. and now you can’t forget about that one person and your brain decides to keep them in the center of your head for at least 8 hours a day because they are the only one that hasn’t shown the same amount of interest back.
i’ve had stupid bitch syndrome ever since jake said he wasn’t interested. like what does that even mean?
by a fucking hippy August 10, 2021
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