A colorful way to tell someone to mind their own bloody business.
To quote Lily Allen's song:

"Didn't ask for your opinion
Not your business
Wind your neck in

Why'd you think you're better
Little rubber-necker
No one likes a trouble maker
Pull up your socks
There's nothing to see here
Why'd you have to be here
Can't you turn around and get back into your box"
by foxxytrotting November 19, 2015
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Given as advice to someone you you'd like to sit down and shut up, whilst also pointing out that they are wrong.
Dave, we've missed our exit thanks to your shit map reading, adding 20 miles to our journey, so wind your fucking neck in.
by Nic March 22, 2005
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A phrase that is frequently used by police officers in the United Kingdom
John: You fucking bastard, why are you arresting me? I haven't even done anything wrong, bla bla bla

PC Plod: Wind your neck in
by Spliff Head May 30, 2007
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Don't take things personally; stop being so defensive.
Damn bro, you need to "wind your neck in!". Every dude who bumps into your shoulder ain't disrespecting you! Its Mardi Gras bro! I ain't tryna fight nobody! Damn!!!
by talk2me-JCH2 March 27, 2021
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1. someone getting very cocky and needing to be told to calm down.
2. a fat cunt with a massive neck needing telling that his neck's fucking massive
1 - "Paddy youve been mouthing off all fucking day, so you best wind your neck in before i smash your face through the back of your bastard head"
2 - "Paddy you fat cunt, lose some fucking weight and get your neck wound in"
by Luke Doran September 12, 2005
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Jackson you are being a muppet, sit back down and continue to be average
oi Jacko wind your neck in, or I'll be in there to give you a dry slap
by J July 4, 2003
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