Slutty Brown Chick. A girl from either Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Trinidad, or even Guyana that wears very slutty clothes, acts whorish, and also talks like one. She has very few true friends and they are usually very ugly; the exact opposite of her. She likes attention but hates to admit it. Avoid these kind of girls for they are not true girls because they do not their true nature.
Hey, look at that brown girl over there she's a SBC, just look at the way she walks.
by Prodako Tek November 12, 2012
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Some Big Company.

SBC just happens to be a huge phone company, as well as my ISP.
When AT&T exploded into a bunch of smaller telecommunications companies, their magnetism caused them to slowly reform into the all powerful form they once were. This menacing force would be known as SBC.
by startpanicing April 19, 2006
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SOUTH BAY CITIES. a group of cities located in the south of LA including manhattan beach, hermosa beach, redondo beach, PV, torrance, harbor.
Lets go party in da SBC FOO!!!!
by Beastie Man June 03, 2004
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String Between Cans.
A primitive form of communication.
A reference to a major telecommunications company whose origins include the words Southwestern and Bell.

Also "Sodomized By Cowboys" having to do with the Texas based corporate headquarters and the company's tendancy to screw the employees.
I tried to make a phone call, but the connection was so shitty that I figured that I must have been using an SBC connection. When I called to complain, some horse fucker said it must me my own hardware.
by Joe Shmo November 18, 2003
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smokin blunts crew - sbc is a gang that is generally non-violent but is known for posession of marijuana and graffiti and is prevelant in south florida,.. mainly Miramar and Broward County which is right outside of Miami.
SBC will fuck you up if you get in their shit b!
by allmyd1ps July 01, 2006
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Shmooze, Booze, Cruise. In other words, being highly social, drinking often and playing the room. Refers to what's to be done at parties, mixers, bars, etc.
John: What's the deal with this party tonight?

Craig: Standard SBC, my friend!
by Dreezy Mac July 22, 2007
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