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Absurdly wealthy area in the Los Angeles South Bay. Neighbors to Hermosa and Redondo Beach. Home to many sports stars and entertainment big wigs usually found on their oceanfront mansions that line "the strand", a pedestrian path running adjacent to the beach. Only place in the world where "starter homes" nearly 3 miles from the ocean routinely fetch in excess of 1.8 million dollars.
Manhattan beach is so loaded, dude! I wish I lived there....
by Johnnywalker90266 September 13, 2007
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A very wealthy town in the South Bay of Los Angeles. Bordered by both Hermosa & Redondo Beaches, Manhattan is known for its beautiful homes, luxury cars, and expensive boutiques. Many Los Angeles businessmen and entertainment bigwigs keep homes here. The three "districts" of the city are as follows:
Sand Section - Noted by its close proximity to the ocean, this neighborhood is primarily identified with the paved concrete path running parallel to the beach called "the Strand". Oceanfront homes here are generally priced from 8-15 million dollars. More "reasonably" priced homes a short walk from the sand on one of the famous walk-streets are priced from 3-6 million. The Sand Section is extremely densely populated and parking is sparse, usually limited to residents, guests, and those willing to feed their life savings into a meter that will inevitably be broken.
Tree Section - The cheapest part of Manhattan Beach. Mainly single family homes with small yards on streets with ample vegetation. Parking is painless here. Some homes are a walkable distance from the beach, though not many. Most of MB's mortal families live here. That is, those with household incomes below $300k/year.
Hill Section - Ritziest part of town, most homes are gigantic with massive yards, pools, spas, and decks made of imported Brazilian wood. Many of the hilltop homes afford spectacular ocean views (these are the costliest), though none of the Hill Section's residents are very close to the beach. Prices range from 4-8 million, with new construction often fetching in excess of 10 million.
Manhattan Beach is LA's nicest suburb, by far!
by HermosaBoi90254 September 29, 2007
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An affluent, snobby beach community in the "South Bay" in California. It's renowned for tearing down quaint homes to build monsterous, ridiculously priced ones. It is where culture and charm cease to exist, and you either hate it and will leave as soon as possible or stay your entire life and raise your kids there. It has tons of yuppies, and the majority of the population is caucasian. Things revolve around materialism. A lot of Redondo and Hermosa kids think Manhattan kids are spoiled and bitchy brats who get whatever they want, but I won't even get started on the Hermosa/Redondo kids...
Manhattan Beach blows.
by 3 1 2 June 06, 2006
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Very nice area in Brooklyn, lots of Russians living there now, causing a great deal of jealousy among the old white-trash/American residents.
From May 15 to September 15 on weekends and holidays only, you can't park there, however you can park there Monday through Friday as long as it's not Memorial day, fourth of July or Labor day! Kinda stupid for the residents since they can't have friends over on the weekends for BBQs, unless the friends take the bus, because pple can only park in their driveways/garage (can fit a maximum of three cars).
The residents have a great deal with Kingsborough community college that allows them to use Kingsborough's beach during the summer; Manhattan Beach is a public beach and what ends up happening in the summer is that it gets swamped with ghetto trash from east new york who totally trash the beach; kingsborough beach, however is off limits to manhattan beach residents and kingsborough students/faculty only.
It borders Sheepshead Bay and Brighton Beach, so lots of shopping and restaurants, the only thing that sucks is that stupid assh&les park their cars on shore blvd and make lots of noise all night during the summer.
White trash resident from Brooklyn: "where do the Russians get the money to live on Manhattan beach?"

Answer: "Um, they all have college degrees in computer science and engineering, work their asses off, make lots of money and buy houses in Manhattan Beach!"
by zxcvasdf October 07, 2006
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Rich neighborhood in Sheepshead Bay. It is essentially filled with people that should and would live in Long Island, but have obligations that force them to live in Brooklyn. Due to most of them being rich they were able to get the NYC Government to forbid parking in their neighborhood from the beggining of spring to the middle of fall. Since most of the houses there are not large (even though most of them are 900k and up) many of the residents turn to other ways to display their wealth through their house. Its common place to find entire houses made of 2 thousand dollar windows, enormouse gardens, multiple Mercedes parked in the driveway and other cheesy things. If it were not for Kingsborough Community College and the Beach, the neighborhood would be entirely secluded from the rest of the world.
David would move to Long Island but does not want to drive 2 hours a day in his 745il to work in Brooklyn, so he lives in Manhattan Beach.
by Kase September 11, 2004
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