11 definitions by rob $

newest member of G unit. Probably the best. I met him on a flight back from Miami. His chick sat next to me on the plane, so I traded him seats, cause im cool like that.
"dat nigga spier loc is sick wit it"-Rob Money
by rob $ April 12, 2005
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Basically a cooler way of saying "whatever". Usually used in reply when you REALLY dont care about the subject or topic.
Rob-"hey mike, that bitch said he dont like you"
mike-"whatever whatever then fool, ill fuck him up."
by rob $ April 14, 2005
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a place in Buena Park Ca, on Beach Blvd where you pay a whole bunch of money to eat shitty food, drink expenisve, shitty mixed drinks, and watch a bunch of fake ass knights, on small ass horses, compete in tournament games, in hopes of winning the princesses heart. Oh yeah, and dont cheer for the red knight, he always loses.

Nah, just kidding, its fun, and if you go, make sure you call your server "farm boy"
while walking out of the show at "medieval times" I told dan i was going to run him through with my flag.
by rob $ April 14, 2005
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a termed used by gang memebers when some gang has a hit out on em.
dude, six fools got blasted last week from that neighborhood...they got the green light.
by rob $ December 12, 2004
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a term usually used when youre wit tha homies, and somethings finished, could be finished, or will be finished easily.
thug number 1-"hey dog, you see the rims on that cutlass? I wonder if we could snatch those ya dig?"

thug number 2-"oh ma nigga, dats a done dada"
by rob $ April 14, 2005
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Oh, only the worlds coolest cat. He just scratched Stevans arm. He has fleas, and smells like poop...but its his birthday everyday. The end.
by rob $ December 12, 2004
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