A person who "cruises" is usually checking out someone they may already be interested in, or roaming the clubs and other venues looking for someone, usually for anonymous sex, or possibly even drugs. If accompanied by a crew, a cruise may involve hours of mindless party hopping while under the influence.
Jim cruised the guy in the VIP section of the club.

Yo Dawg, I heard they have some bitchin frat parties popping tonight! Let's cruise around for some.
by Mwatuangi March 1, 2015
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The act of aimlessly driving around, often complimented with music, acquaintances, food, etc.
"Hey, what should we do tonight?"

"I don't even know, dude, perhaps a cruise?"

"Sounds awesome, I'll go get the keys!"
by sweticles July 2, 2009
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Cruise is a man who has had many adventures in his life, and that has given him many exciting stories to tell. Cruise's adventures have led to bad experiences as well. But Cruise doesn't open up easily. And Cruise doesn't like to be pushed, or told what to do. Cruise cal light up a room instantly, if that's with literal fire, with laughter. He is funny and very social. Everyone knows the name Cruise. Cruise has gotten him self this far into life without help and doesn't want your pitty or charity. Cruise has a tough exterior but once he opens up weather he likes it or not he will more than likely cry. Because if Cruise opens up to you, then you are someone special. Someone who has earned his trust. Never Cross Cruise. Cruise chooses his friends wisely and they are just as loyal as he is. Cruise stands with his friends like family. And in a relationship Cruise is a hopeless romantic (and a little freaky) but he will treat his girl like a queen. He may not have big pockets, But he has the biggest heart. Cruise is Loyal, Caring, Funny, and just over all a well rounded individual, if you know Cruise don't let him go.
by Kings Knight October 26, 2019
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A Cruise is someone that has a severe case of diarrhea all the time. It means that the diarrhea is "cruising" around in their pants. People said it all the time in my middle school, and they even say it in my daughters school.
Man that guy has to be a cruise, I haven't seen him leave the restroom all morning!
by Jishnu October 13, 2017
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Aimlessly wandering the streets with the hope of picking up a male for anonymous gay sex
Guy 1: Nick was out cruising until 3am last night.

Guy 2: Dam! That honky must have been craving the dick mad bro
by PokerAlice November 14, 2018
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drive arround pointlessly with a load of mates for hours
"What you doing tonight"
"Nuffin. Just goin for a cruise"
by sieman April 5, 2004
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Hawaiian slang term meaning to just hang out and not do anything of any importance.
Brah this class sucks, im just gonna cruise til the times up.
by Sal Martinez October 26, 2006
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