actually you idiots, it stands for "Southern Bell Company" Formerly known as "Pacific Bell", who just purchased At&t. SBC is also owner of cell phone company "Cingular Wireless"
"I wish I had SBC at home cause VERIZON SUCKS MY DICK!"
by rob $ April 13, 2005
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Strawberry Clock. The name that eventually became a so-called leader for the Clock Crew, although he had not realy contributed anything other then the spark that began the whole thing.
I don't think SBC really made "Noodle Salad"; it just does not seem possible for him to make a new movie and a hacked account!
by Tofu Clock December 04, 2006
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A cellphone company.

The reason its called SBC is cause when you call they ez bee cee
Guy: Hello? SBC?
SBC: Sorry, please hold, we ez bee cee
by 7ony August 21, 2007
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"shaft ball connector", the flap of skin that connects the balls to the shaft.
when the chick used her teeth, she ripped my sbc. that hurt like mad.
by ree dick you luss May 01, 2005
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