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the best little town in the south bay. DGAF

"Brah I live in Redondo but I wish I could be as cool as those Hermosa Beach locs."
by hbl4life February 14, 2009
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One of THE chillest beaches you will ever visit/live in. Highly known for the home of Jackass's Wee-Man (Jason Acuña) and The Hills' Audrina Patridge. Another name for Hermosa is HB, home of the HB locs. These are the locals who reside in Hermosa Beach, often mistaken for the term to be used only for the group of thirty or so mid-teens through thirty year-old males who skate, sit on the Hermosa Pier, play guitar, and (majority of them) use marijuana.

Hermosa Beach is also known for the home of the local celebrity Turkey John, the lovable beach bum who will ask all the "chickens" (girls) to take him swimming. His interests are swimming and riding his bike around the strand to make new friends.
Hermosa is a place of very diverse people. You get the scummy skaters, the lovely young ladies, the old men who try and have sex with any girl, the twenty or-so year-old "bros", the rebel California kids, and the average middle-aged person just making an income and living in Southern California.
Nah let's just kick it in Hermosa Beach. Barnacles has a live band playing.
by Chloe Marie April 07, 2011
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Group of bars on the Hermosa Pier where you will find short, old, overly buff douche bags looking to relive their youth through preying on young women. You will spot many of these Napoleon Complex fellows hanging out at your local Sangria or Sharkeez bar wearing Affliction T-shirts and flip flops and using the term of endearment "bro" quite often. Most often when approaching a female target these bros will use an awkward opening line such as "I just got out of a 10 year relationship, what's your name?" A wonderful beach in the day time, and a haven for creepers at night.
Carl, I've just turned 40, I think it's time to live it up at Hermosa Beach
by ShinySnake February 02, 2011
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