Shmooze, Booze, Cruise. In other words, being highly social, drinking often and playing the room. Refers to what's to be done at parties, mixers, bars, etc.
John: What's the deal with this party tonight?

Craig: Standard SBC, my friend!
by dreezymac August 07, 2007
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Stands for Sex in the Butt Crack (in other words, anal sex) Also can be used as Señor Butt Crack, but hearing that is rare. It is mostly Sex in the Butt Crack.
Zeke: Dude! You just got SBC'd by Señor Butt Crack!

Dylan: I know! Man, I hate that SBC guy, always SBCing everything he sees.
by Señor Butt Crack November 10, 2005
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Santana Block Crips a street gang that distributed large quantities of cocaine that were later sold to narcotics dealers in middle America
by VAKI5 August 17, 2003
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Suburban Bratchny Crew
Dude I'm scared, I heard the sbc is going to annihilate me and harm my mother.
by L-box January 05, 2004
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Sbc is the term for unevolved BBC, also standing for Small Black Chode. Normally used by black teens that haven't hit puberty
Malik: *sucks teeth* Fam you got that SBC?
Eni: Issa small ting ye
Malik: You'll grow into a BBC eventually
by LocalWasteyute October 05, 2018
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