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Slang: Someone who enjoys the act of slowing their vehicle to like 15 miles an hour on a motorway just so they can gawk at the wreckage of a van on its roof or a car on fire.

These people are a severe pain in the arse to emergency services, and they often cause tailbacks up to several miles.
I got held up on the M25 last night going home cause of some rubbernecker staring at a crash.
by Eddie Faulkner May 24, 2008
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Person who cranes, stains or otherwise awkwardly turns their head and stares while passing the scene of something interesting (usually morbid in nature).
This is usually seen and performed while driving past the scene of an accident, or any other incident where there are police, firemen or ambulances with lots of flashing lights.
by Batman July 11, 2004
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Nosy drivers who turn their heads to look at accidents thus causing severe traffic jams on many roadways.
While rubberneckers looked at a bunny rabbit, they caused a traffic jam.
by road rage May 27, 2005
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People that stick their nose into other peoples business.. always wanting to know whats goin on or what the other person has.
Perfect Example for Rubberneckers is from the movie Secret Window.

Ted: Maybe I should take a walk around the block.
Amy: Yes, that'd be good.
Mort: Aw heck, Ted, live a little - make it two. Rubbernecker.
by Masta Dragon Red February 22, 2007
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a nosey mofo trying to be in another's business when they have no authority or point to.
the boyfriend buttin' into the (soon-to-be) ex-husband & wife's exsponged belongings (mediation).
by j July 01, 2004
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An individual who moves his head or worms in rank or while standing at attention.
The drill sergeant screamed at the fresh recruit for turning his head to look at the seagull calling him a rubber necker.
by Jolly Roger March 24, 2004
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