Slang: Someone who enjoys the act of slowing their vehicle to like 15 miles an hour on a motorway just so they can gawk at the wreckage of a van on its roof or a car on fire.

These people are a severe pain in the arse to emergency services, and they often cause tailbacks up to several miles.
I got held up on the M25 last night going home cause of some rubbernecker staring at a crash.
by Eddie Faulkner May 24, 2008
1. Someone who, when playing xBox or Playstation on a the same TV against each other, looks at the other player's half of the screen to get an unfair advantage against the other player- Knowledge of where the other player is located and weapons they may have.

Usually in a first person shooter ex: Halo.
"Dude! How did you know know where I was? I had camo and the radar jammer... You're such a rubbernecker!!"
by AmcnGirl87 September 2, 2008
People who look at someone/something out of curiosity - even when they're not supposed to.
A fight began behind my friends and I. I didn't turn around , but all my friends did - ugh they're such rubbernecks sometimes.
by Poli-pocket November 9, 2016
Some stupid retard that always slows down in the middle of the road just to watch some guy get arrested in the ditch! The type of guy to stare at someone taking pills and getting mad when asked to stop.
"Yo look at that stupid bitch over there"
"Yeah, he must be a rubberneck"
by il Fiery December 29, 2021
To drive slowly by a car accident (or site having emergency vehicles) and turn the head to see anything gory.

This act exacerbates traffic delays.
Crews pulled the wreckage off the highway, but drivers continued to rubberneck and cause delays.
by AbnormalBoy April 17, 2004
to drive slowly past a motor vehicle accident to see the crash
If these people would stop rubbernecking, we could drive past them.
by Light Joker August 17, 2005
Nosy drivers who turn their heads to look at accidents thus causing severe traffic jams on many roadways.
While rubberneckers looked at a bunny rabbit, they caused a traffic jam.
by road rage May 27, 2005