a female who enjoys engaging in sexual intercourse and prefers to be on top
this chick i was with last night humps like a bunny rabbit
by carie November 11, 2003
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1.A small fluffy mammal
2.Name given to a women who is sexually atractive
3.Nick name given to the leading star in the film "8 Mile".
1. I set my dog on bunny rabbits
2. Sarah is a bunny rabbit
3. Bunny rabbit is played by a hypocritical wigger named eminem who contridicts his last song with every new song he makes.
by John March 23, 2003
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some poor bastard who got sodomized by several large black men.
nobody wants to go to prison for fear of being a bunny rabbit
by ypykiyaymofu April 11, 2010
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a young girl very flirty likes to have sex alot loves to flirt and fuck with guys likes to have sex but learns to leave them before they leave her so she fucks them a couple times and then is like it aint gonna work out im sorry and then she finds another guy makes guys fall for her and then breaks them to pieces
that shayla is such a bunny rabbit shes had sex with him so she should break his heart in a couple days
by rayla and shachel January 6, 2010
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when you destroy a girl's toilet before you have a quickie with her.
oh man, im glad im not talking to that girl who i gave the bunny rabbit to
by jackasss3D? November 25, 2010
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Violent, hyper, random thrusting during sex. Usually involves an unexperienced man with an abnormally small penis.
"Last night, David just kept bunny-rabbiting. I swear I thought he had a blindfold on."
by Anji January 20, 2005
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