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To drive slowly by a car accident (or site having emergency vehicles) and turn the head to see anything gory.

This act exacerbates traffic delays.
Crews pulled the wreckage off the highway, but drivers continued to rubberneck and cause delays.
by AbnormalBoy April 16, 2004
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to drive slowly past a motor vehicle accident to see the crash
If these people would stop rubbernecking, we could drive past them.
by Light Joker August 16, 2005
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The reaction of drivers as they pass by an accident scene; to drive aimlessly while looking away from the road at something happening off road.
The accident caused a traffic jammed, which was worsened by all the passers-by and their rubber necks checking it out.
by The Genius February 13, 2004
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People who look at someone/something out of curiosity - even when they're not supposed to.
A fight began behind my friends and I. I didn't turn around , but all my friends did - ugh they're such rubbernecks sometimes.
by Poli-pocket November 09, 2016
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someone slowing traffic down because they are too busy looking at something/someone
"whats slowed the traffic down?"..."that guy up ahead is too busy rubbernecking!"
by pummelweed February 02, 2010
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Rubberneck is the action of hanging with your girl and checking others girls out, then pretend to insult them while snapping a pic for later.
Look how smooth he can Rubberneck! He is a Rubberneck God!
by JerryTheToyMonkey November 29, 2016
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A person(or group of people) that are genuinely and naturally asshole.
yeah all those stupid rubber necks in Madison get me mad some times
by Dogsandpandas June 04, 2011
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