The guys that save your ass every day from thugs, mass fires, and health conditions.
Consists of three common departments:

1. Police department. Keeps your neighborhood safe, and stops criminals of most kinds. They risk their lives the most. Usually drowned by paperwork at the police station. People usually hate them because of either being caught, having a bad experience with one bad apple, or supporting anti-cop BLM movements.

2. Fire department. These guys rescue people from trapped cars, put out large fires, and do emergency technical work. They will save you from a burning building for free. There is normally no paperwork involved, only practical work. People have massive respect for these guys and send their prayers to them for risking their lives for others. If your building is on fire, you (usually) call these guys to put it out.

3. Emergency medical services. They help cardiac arrest patients, literally bring dead people back to life (defibrillator) and try their best to save you. Unfortunately, these guys are unintentionally a gateway to drowning debt for the patient, all thanks to the united states' lack of free emergency healthcare. People don't hate them, but they hate the system that they work for. These services rely on widespread hospitals.

Overall pretty big heroes, the guys that prevent widespread chaos (anarchy), unhabitable land (mass fires), and mass natural cause deaths (underlying health conditions).
My friend collapsed under the fire smoke caused by an arsonist, So I called all the emergency services.

There were a lot of emergency services that responded
by ruralurban24 January 30, 2023
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