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A person who is a detriment to society, someone completely worthless.
by ScrewMonkey October 26, 2004
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Someone who is generally subversive, deviant, shameless and attracted to the more gutter styles of existence.
"Look at that rotter over there, he's shit his pants, he's pissed out of his face, he's just shagged that whore without a johnny, there's red wine stains all over his lips, his eyes have gone yellow, he's got odd socks on, the flies seem to be following him, there's a belt wrapped around his arm, he's dragging a dead dog on a lead, oh and look, now he's vomiting down his front!"
by Rory Lafferty October 29, 2007
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Means dirty, disgusting or to refer to an ugly person.
"I fancy that Lady Gaga!"
"Nah mate, she's rotters"

"That kebab I ate last night was rotters"
by SergeGainsbourgsArse February 20, 2010
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A devious, subhuman, inferior person. Someone who society looks down upon with sheer disgust. A dirty skanky hobo.
That Dylan is such a rotter, her rakes bins for food and look, he's shit himself and reeks of piss. He's such a filthy hobo, lets go and point and laugh.
by Wullyum July 24, 2010
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Insult of chav origin, referring to an ugly/fat/unclean person.
"Errr, what a fucking rotter"
by Raphaella February 24, 2008
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