straight street; rough; gangsta; don't wanna mess wit em type
yo that bitch is straight gutter, she'll fuck u up homie!!
by lil mama April 3, 2004
If someone says your mind is "in the gutter," they probably mean that you constantly think about sex or sex-related things.
Your mind is in the gutter.
Get out of the gutter.
by DuMont June 7, 2005
When a person eats so much that they have no clue when to stop
Rosie O' donell is a gutter!

Summo wrestlers are some gutters!
by khari0915 January 22, 2012
Fat Dirty Stinking Tramp who lives in the sewers.
Your Gutter.
by Black Fairy 0987 February 23, 2017
a stoner in the go to church song by ice cube
if you a gutter mother F#$%er do your dirt
by holtben0 July 3, 2006