4 definitions by Rory Lafferty

If someone does something that you do not approve of, you say, "Oi, I've dropped cunts for less!"

Meaning you have punched people, causing them to 'drop' to the ground, for acts less irritating than the act in question.
If someone is walking really slowly in front of you on a busy or narrow pavement, you might say, "I've dropped cunts for less!"
by Rory Lafferty March 05, 2007
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Someone who is generally subversive, deviant, shameless and attracted to the more gutter styles of existence.
"Look at that rotter over there, he's shit his pants, he's pissed out of his face, he's just shagged that whore without a johnny, there's red wine stains all over his lips, his eyes have gone yellow, he's got odd socks on, the flies seem to be following him, there's a belt wrapped around his arm, he's dragging a dead dog on a lead, oh and look, now he's vomiting down his front!"
by Rory Lafferty October 29, 2007
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When someone has drunk vast quantities of alcohol, especially red wine, the previous evening and they wake up with a swollen and bloated face, you might say they had a pillow face. Note: the swollen face can only be achieved after many years of prolonged and daily drinking.
Rory woke up one morning after a heavy night on the red wine - and the rest - and looked in the mirror and was shocked by the state of his swollen pillow face, he seemed like a feline stranger even to himself!
by Rory Lafferty October 29, 2007
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An overworked, overstretched, gaping, stinking, infectious, diseased, baby-trap-door vagina.
When you see a baby mother pushing her pram down the street whilst smoking a fag, or a prostitute hanging out on a street corner, or if someone really irritates you; you might say to your fellow company, "Check out that Three Bucket Cunt!"
by Rory Lafferty June 21, 2007
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