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The universe it perfect. There is no meaning to any words, but some have less meaning than others. Please see the undictionary. The most meaningless are the negative words which not only have no reason for existence in this perfect universe, but are used to control people and make them feel inferior. Anything said using negative words could be said another way. There are also no positive words, as these are the opposite of negative words, and are used for the same reason, but in the opposite manner.
These are some examples of "negative words" that are pure power words used to control people. Inferior, wrong, stupid, bad, evil, sorry, crime, delinquent, dumb, foolish, grotesque, harm, fear, gastly, horrible, idiot, lame, mean, poor, queer, invalid, looser, malevolent, heinous, hideous.
by fred ressler October 16, 2006
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