Female individual who acts with compassion, empathy, and is hardly ever mean spirited.
She's a kind woman because of her way of loving.
by justajealousguy January 17, 2010
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My kind of woman
A beautiful song Jack sings to his soul mate Heather.

You’re my, my, my, my kind of woman
by Foreverx June 20, 2018
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one of the cutest and sweetest love songs to ever exist tbh
person a: hey what’s ur fav song??
person b: it’s my kind of woman by mac demarco !!! u should totally check it out :
by finnholic February 24, 2023
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Definitely just Nihachu. If there was a spider in her apartment, she'd just befriend it. No lie.
"The most kind woman in this room is Nihachu."
by mcytf4n May 18, 2021
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Mankind, but without the "man". Should be called woperchild instead, 2.1/10
Lesbian Feminist: I'm going to complain online for woman-kind!
Redpilled dude: zoo-wee-mama!
by dongdong1 April 12, 2021
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