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An adjective used to describe a person or trait which adheres to a stereotype.

A stereotypical person is one who is the image of a stereotype. It is NOT (I repeat, NOT!!!!) a person who believes that stereotypes are true. Only a stereotypical foreigner would think this, because the stereotype of foreigners is that they are bad at English. The fact that I feel this way does not make me stereotypical, because there is no stereotype that urban dictionary users are xenophobic.

The word stereotypical should be used in a sentence the same way you would use the word typical.
Correct Use: "That Asian kid is good at math? How stereotypical."

Incorrect Use: "That jerk assumed that i'm good at math just cause I'm Asian! He's so stereotypical."
by MastaCheez December 29, 2010
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At this point in time, everything can be claimed as stereotypical.
Such As :
-Blonds are idiots
-People with glasses are smart
-Overweight people are slow
-Asians are smart
-African Americans are stupid
-Whites are racist
-Elderly can't use Electronis
And the list goes on and on!

Seriously stereotypes are basically everywhere, a part of us. They are what we first think about people and how most people view others.
Girl 1 : Do you see that emo boy?
Girl 2 : How do you know he's emo?

Girl 1 : He has long black hair and he never talks to people.
Girl 2 : Jeez, don't be so stereotypical he could be shy.
Girl 1 : Nah! He's definitely emo.
by Bellarock365 April 29, 2016
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White guy:"Haha, you fucking asian! Go back to Japan with your chop sticks and Kung Fu!"
Asian guy:"...It's amazing how long he's lived considering all the genes that have recrossed, one could almost mistake him for old english royality."
(Old English Royalty used to wed their sisters and brothers, to keep their royal blood "Pure")
by PaleBlackJapanese October 20, 2003
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