An adjective used to describe a person or trait which adheres to a stereotype.

A stereotypical person is one who is the image of a stereotype. It is NOT (I repeat, NOT!!!!) a person who believes that stereotypes are true. Only a stereotypical foreigner would think this, because the stereotype of foreigners is that they are bad at English. The fact that I feel this way does not make me stereotypical, because there is no stereotype that urban dictionary users are xenophobic.

The word stereotypical should be used in a sentence the same way you would use the word typical.
Correct Use: "That Asian kid is good at math? How stereotypical."

Incorrect Use: "That jerk assumed that i'm good at math just cause I'm Asian! He's so stereotypical."
by MastaCheez December 30, 2011
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At this point in time, everything can be claimed as stereotypical.
Such As :
-Blonds are idiots
-People with glasses are smart
-Overweight people are slow
-Asians are smart
-African Americans are stupid
-Whites are racist
-Elderly can't use Electronis
And the list goes on and on!

Seriously stereotypes are basically everywhere, a part of us. They are what we first think about people and how most people view others.
Girl 1 : Do you see that emo boy?
Girl 2 : How do you know he's emo?

Girl 1 : He has long black hair and he never talks to people.
Girl 2 : Jeez, don't be so stereotypical he could be shy.
Girl 1 : Nah! He's definitely emo.
by Bellarock365 April 29, 2016
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Usually the truth about a certain culture, ethnicity, or genre of human life. But we use words like "Stereotypes" to cover up the truth so it can be "Politically Correct"
D1:Dude, why are all emo kids always dressed in black and calim to hate life?(Sarcastic)

D2:I know right?(non-Sarcastic)

D1:What a stereotype.

D2: Oh you were being sarcastic? I was being serious, because all emo kids DO hate life and dress in black...
by Adam Westcock February 3, 2009
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A truthful statement that is painful to hear and difficult to absorb.
by ☢_☢ August 14, 2009
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A statement about a group of people, that is true 90% of the time, but when said in front of the other 10% or a Liberal will get you labeled as an ignorant prick.
"Of course Hakeem won the high jump, he's black."

"That is such a stereotype!"

"That it is, but it's true."

"Ignorant prick!"
by TheWorldAccordingToRyan February 8, 2010
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n. a small kernel of truth that lies at the bottom of a pillowcase full of shit.
Drew Peacock- " Hey Otto, I knew you were black but I didn't know that your dad was born in Africa! That's cool."
Otto Wanaduyu- " Yeah, he is."
Kenny Naylor- " Wait a minute, does that mean that he has a click in his name? ... Oh I'm so jealous of him!"
Harry Buzzerd- " Not all Africans have clicks in their names."
Otto- " Actually, his first name is Dapopo. I guess the whole click thing must be a stereotype."
by strickenuptosomething May 26, 2010
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Stereotyping is when you judge a group of people who are different from you based on your own and/or others opinions and/or encounters.
Guy 1: I met this hot chik from Hawaii
Guy 2: All women from Hawaii are sluts, I met one yesterday
Guy 3: You're just stereotyping. How can you judge an entire group of people based on one person?
by Christina E January 7, 2006
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