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Dance is an artistic sport that combines music and movement to tell a story or show an emotion. The music give the power to connect the movement to something withing the dancer.

Dance is not something that "99.9 % of heterosexual men hate to do". Dance can be done by everybody, regardless of gender or sexual preference. It is as demanding as football is, and the injuries are about the same.
Without feeling, dance is exercise.
by LeonWolftail July 13, 2012
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an art form of expression using body movements. the act of allowing yourself to connect with the music and feel the beat.
by Clovah March 16, 2008
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"Would you care to dance?"
"Hey look, the feather is dancing in the wind!"
"It's a dance dance revolution!"
by veredox January 08, 2004
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Dance is a sport that people do to show their emotions and feelings using the human body.Also people dance to entertain others for fun or people may compete against other dancers for fun,improvement,and entertainment.
Bella:Hey are you doing anything this weekend?

Rosie:Oh,yea I have dance practice for competition.


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by cracra18 June 11, 2018
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a form of activity, with many different styles. dance can be taught at studios or non-formaly as well. it's a good expression of emotion and feelings. dancing requires a lot of hard work, practise, commitment, and discipline.
I'm going to my dance classes tonight
by Anon. moose October 17, 2005
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Similar to a sport, yet more graceful and pretty looking.
unlike football, dance is more graceful and won't get your clothes dirty
by yai February 17, 2009
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