The last sex move you can ever make; occurs when both partners die mid-coitus.
"My grandparents died at the same time while having sex; they pulled off a Romeo & Juliet"
by Des Long April 22, 2013
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A tragedy written by William Shakespeare about 400 years ago.

Basically it's about two people who are in "forbidden love" because their parents hate each other, but they get married about 12 hours after they first met.
Yeah, then they get killed about four days later.
A lot of other people die, too.

It's pretty relevant to our time period, since it still happens between couples all over the place.
Abram: Do you bite your thumb at us, sir?
Sampson: I do bite my thumb, sir.
Abram: Do you bite your thumb at us, sir?
Sampson: Is the law of our side if I say ay?
Gregory: No. ):
by geo May 10, 2005
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A tragedy by William Shakespeare.

In the end, Romeo and Juliet both die.

Teacher: Today we will start reading Romeo and Juliet.
Student: Oh, by the way, in the end, Romeo and Juliet die.
Teacher: I'll see you in detention boy!
Student: What the fuck?! They tell you in the fucking prologue!
by I spoil endings March 7, 2004
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Act 1: Romeo is sad.why? because he can't get any ass from Rosaline.
Act 3 ( or something): After knowing eachother for only a day,they already screw.

by CrazyassWOoOKid March 3, 2006
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A dumb story that you are forced to read during freshman year or at some point in high school. It is about two sexually aroused teenagers who want to fuck after knowing each other for an hour. They both die in the end oops.
Y'all have to read romeo and juliet this year. Rest in peace.
by mcnuggetdestroyer January 3, 2018
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A story about two horny teenagers who want to get married and fuck as soon as they meet each other. Reading it is a torture to all middle/high school kids.
Balcony Scene of Romeo and Juliet:
Romeo: Oh Juliet Thou breasts are so big
Juliet: Thy know! Don't thou love them exploding out of thy dress.
by Boblovesbananas127 November 7, 2010
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