That stand that Koici has that makes things very heavy by saying “ 3 freeze
Koichi : Act 3 , Protect us!

Act 3 : 3 Freeze!

*some serial killers hand slams through the ground*
by IrisSonius September 26, 2018
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A descriptive term for when after everything is going absolutely excellent, everything that could possibly go wrong, does.
Act 1: Romeo and Juliet's Characters develop seperately...
Act 2: Romeo meets and professes his love to Juliet, they get married...
Act 3: They both die.

Act 3, everything goes to hell.

What's happening?

The aliens are invading, my toaster exploded, your sister's getting engaged and my insurance rate just went up!

Must be act 3.
by TheMobiusMan August 18, 2009
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Right after you blow your load in her mouth, duct tape her mouth shut. Then unleash your fury onto her jaw until she is knocked out. Then, take her to the nearest emementary school and tie her up to the flag pole naked.
by Marshall, Adam and Travis December 13, 2003
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This term refers to a form of necrophilia which bears resemblance to act 5 scene 3 of Romeo and Juliet. It goes as follows: Two men go to a graveyard each with a sword. They dig up the corpse of any female in the graveyard. They then proceed to sword fight until someone dies. The winner will have sex with the corpse of the female, and that of the poor man who he has just brutally slaughtered over who gets to bone a rotting corpse. He will then kill himself to replicate the scene in the play.
"You heard about those two guys that died?"

"Yeah, they were doing act 5 scene 3."
by A_Wanker May 8, 2019
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When Koichi want gravity to go more down
Koichi: ACT 3
by I eat dog chocolate July 28, 2021
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