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i’m still gokud up from that last win yo
by BumStatusYo December 21, 2018
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why you always lyin? #qwdbs
by BumStatusYo December 30, 2021
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make a point to early. takes time but they finally get it. it finally clicks.

comes back all the way around.
plant a seed then it grows.
not a square no stops it’s a circle.
i remember when i was talkin bout dat and gave you the answer you were looking for. i told you i was talkin facts full circle yo
by BumStatusYo December 7, 2018
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what kind of lego builder were you growing up. did you follow instructions. did you skip steps. are you the kid that built their foundation all fuq’d up?! #didntlearnsheeeet #buildingfundamentals
by BumStatusYo December 15, 2018
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