Abram is just about the best guy you'll ever meet. You can tell him anything and he understands. He keeps secrets, and you can trust him big time. He is a great friend, and will eventually fall for you. He can be the greatest boyfriend ever. He can be romantic and sweet, but still hilarious. He's intelligent, but has blonde moments. He's tough, but sentimental. He is perfect. Never reject an Abram.
I think I just met my soulmate. He is such an Abram!
by UrbanBeans June 26, 2013
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Abram is about the best guy you will ever meet, he is the sweetest guy in the whole world he will always be there when no one else is. He will still your heart, he is so loving and just never wants to leave your side. He rather talk to you then do anything else in the world. Abram is just all around the cutest guy ever and perfect. He uses whens instead of ifs. If you ever find an Abram never let him go, you will regret it.
Girl 1: omg I started talking to this kid named abram
Girl 2: lucky i want to find an abram
Girl 1: he is perfect
by Alan346 August 17, 2019
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Yep that’s my name I feel like I’m a good person I hate homework certain people really piss me off I’m a good friend and you can trust me
Abram: yep that’s me, you’re probably wondering how I got here, well it all start in and emergency room in January of 2004
by abramUC January 24, 2019
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is extremely sexy; all the girls want him. is really good in bed.
shelby: abram you were really good in bed last night.
by thatonegirl11 May 7, 2012
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A nigga wit a big dick, gets hoes 365 days of the year, a great friend/boyfriend, funny, handsome, great at all sports, this person is very smart
She fuckin wit a Abram. She lucky
by Boomboombom December 29, 2021
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Usually an absolutely amazing friend that will always be there for you. They are loyal and caring. Someone you can always count on and trust.
Your a great friend, but not as good as an Abram.
by TheAmazing1 February 2, 2010
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