Hagi, Gheorghe: the greatest Romanian soccer player of all time.
Hagi got sent off for punching the referee in the face
by 1905 November 30, 2004
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Hagi is a nice warm hearted type of guy. He is gorgeous but he can be a weirdo sometimes. Anyway, he is a great guy who can keep secrets and will treat you right.
My friend name is Hagi.
by hxllo.gurliez November 08, 2018
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The best ever football player, originated in Romania. He is now to old to play, but he is the manager of the football team: FC VIitorul
I saw Hagi on TV, on PROTV.
Hagi is old.
Hagi is the manager of FC Viitorul.
by 123, ma numesc gigel November 08, 2018
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Mean loving person,doesn’t cheat and can dance,when she get a man she cherish him and love him can dress,and have a very bad additude problem but when she laugh she can’t stop
by Chicken wind March 21, 2018
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a guy who is crap at everything and never knows about succeeding
by maddox :D September 17, 2003
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A wild species of human that can’t be stopped by any other human and is so good at everything that it is worshipped
“Oh no we’re up against hagis , shit we’ll get destroyed
by Genius researcher August 25, 2019
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