Clothing you wear to bed at night, usually consisting of a button up top and pants. Can be either short sleeve or long sleeve top and shorts or pants for the bottom.
Those satin PJ's look hot on you babe.
by Philby February 8, 2004
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Big baller: Ay yo, Fonsworth. Fill up the PJ, we’re flying to Houston.

Fonsworth: right away sir
by Wilmadikfit609 September 14, 2021
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Short for project. Meaning project housing. I first learned this term attending university in New York and living in east harlem.

Most people in the projects do just want a better life, and for fucks sake they deserve it.
Also can be used, “jects”, the block
“We from the Pj’s” , and we ain’t Lyin.

Quattro was over at the Pj’s but now he on the block sellin’ weed to some whiteboy from the suburbs
by YungGucci April 11, 2021
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PJ is the shortened term for a personal joint /spliff/Zoot
Just having a pj mate !
by Wellsy and LeeBoy November 27, 2019
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Short for palm job. Use the palm over the clitoris, and the middle and ring finger in the vagina. Then go up and down (not in and out.) You need to lubricate for this.
her: ever had a pj?
friend: no what is it?
her: its what my boyfriend does to make me squirt. i love it!!
by hateporn September 11, 2013
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Abbreviation of palm job. Something done when the woman needs an orgasm.
I don't know how to give a PJ... But I heard silver has a video out of her doing it at mike's house.

When a boy makes a woman happy by rubbing her the right way.
1.He gave one hella PJ after dinner.
by Maxinside February 9, 2014
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