The King of all Kings, the job of a Hero for all Heros. The immortal one, the wealthiest one.
Did your name just change to Reaves? You should of died doing that.
by jimdoors413 August 14, 2009
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An adjective to describe something, someone or a situation that is very strange. Can also be used as a compliment.

"Dude, the other night was so Reav!"

"Awww Rummikub you're so Reav."

"I hate Leila, she's so so Reav."

"Look at this Reav costume."
by ReavReav1 April 17, 2009
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To rob one of something very dear to them by force. Usually something that would leave the victim poor and waif like in the streets searching for food in dumptsers and meaning in life now that they are reaved,

The act of "reaving" usually refers to 'soul reaving.' Souls can be reaved by pretty much any one person or diety that is stronger than its victim. Soul reaving is an irreversible process and souls cannot be returned without consent of the reaver.
"I have come to reave your soul."

"Morgoth the Terrible reaved the souls of all the Gothmog children in the land of the Valarion in the days when the Kurkim still roamed the land."
by Sheriff Nein July 3, 2005
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A person who gives a good bj for any kind of drug
Man that reaves over there is desperate
by bigbootywho August 27, 2009
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its when you see a weed field in a forest and you burn it using gasoline. You then escape by driving away on a motorcycle, transportation.
reave and retreave is different. This is when you tear apart something but in the process take possessions or "steal" from the general area.
by reaving is tradition March 19, 2005
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another form of leave, get out, ect.
"Will you please reave my house now, bitch."
by american dictionary. July 14, 2008
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The creator of the youtube buddy, ding ding, and a bunch of other peaces of trash. He loves also tazing people.

He also HATES turtles
*Scream* Ahhh no worries it's just the local crackhead/micheal reaves.
by Mask05 January 28, 2020
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