a rlly cool n sexy boi. He makes everybody fall in love with him even if ur a man he’ll make u gay cz goddamn he’s so HOT n he has a pretty personality n his body is hella SEXY yoo basel is the best u wont ever find a person like him everyone loves him even if they dont know him he’s pretty cool
Yoo have u seen basel?
Yeaah he’s sooo hot man i love him
by syuuuurrn July 27, 2019
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he makes ur day better by his smile. Or even if he texts u ur day will be 100% better. He got a cool n nice personality he’s such a hottie boi. He’s so amazing u can hangout with him cz he’s so funny n he’s too kind yall can trust this person he’s so nice and cute he’s too goddamn sexy!!
Yoo have u seen basel he’s soo cute😍
by syuuuurrn July 27, 2019
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a cool, hot, sexy boy that gets all the girls. Also a name that means not being afraid of anything and being realy strong.
Basel is responsible
by om124ar June 20, 2017
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Someone who's broke , 24/7 hungry and want a fucking girlfriend but to lazy to search for one.
Basel texting anyone : hungry

3ayz asa7eb

Broke and broken
by Cantthinkofahandle February 4, 2020
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Though the proper noun refers to a city in Switzerland, the adjective "basel" usually refers to someone who is the epitome of being ravi.
- Look at this guy, he's so very ravi.
- Yea... he's not just ravi - he's basel!
by The-IV-Kid February 14, 2010
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