Cheating within eyesight of your partner

Pornography where someone is having sex while their partner is in frame unaware.
I creampied that intern after using her to Rodham my wife; she still doesn't know.
by 1D 94F April 7, 2016
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The act of engaging in a sexual act with an overweight individual. Usually pertaining to feminists, and Hillary Clinton supporters.
I'm gonna get so fucking drunk tonight I might Rodham. Wait, let me get a couple more of those Xanax. Cool. Now I might Rodham.
by Reddits Peen April 11, 2016
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An aggressive female esp. in bed and particularly when on top. This phrase is frequently used to express the ferocity of a woman's sexual prowess, in particular reference during sex having a complete lack of concern for her partner's well being until she finishes.
... and when im at the bottom she hillary rodham...

-Lil Wayne " Lollipop "
by Big Tuck March 20, 2008
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The pain caused by the incessant whining and screaming of this woman has got to be second only to having your eye sockets rimmed out with a malfunctioing Dremel MotoTool. Quite possibly there is no other person on earth filled with such hate and vitriol. Oh, and this demon sent from Hell wants to be President.
After having to put up with hearing Shrillary Rodham Clinton rage on and on over how she is against the Military action in Iraq, I had to have a pint of blood drained from each of my ears. What a hypocrite!
by Tiberius1701 August 24, 2006
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A human being who everyone finds hot, but no one will admit it. An absolute gilf.
ME - There is nothing hotter than banging someone and watching enormous layers of dust exit their uterus.
WEIRD FRIEND - "When has that every happened to you? Oh wait, must've been Hillary Rodham Clinton. What a psycho."
ME - "I call her Rod"
by i hate zalman rodkin November 15, 2018
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