Hey Baker, when Bristol pops out that baby, Sarah Palin will be such a royal gilf!
by Otis Browning October 16, 2008
Grandpa id like to fuck.
(Something Alisha will never be)
Damn, look at Nathaniel over there, he may be old but he's still a goodie. such a GILF
by donotcontest December 19, 2013
A grandmother who is considered desireable. Acronym for "Grandmother I'd Like to Fuck".
"Dude, Glen's mom is a total GILF."
by Henry Rose April 10, 2006
that was a gilf? damn she was fine, and she tought me alot!
by glennieA September 16, 2008
Did you just see that hot piece of granny ass!? thats some serious gilf mofo!
by Joe Nazmdeh January 5, 2006
"Grandma/Grandpa I'd Like to Fuck."
Not said seriously, only when pointing out any old person.
Weirdo: "Oh man, check out that MILF, she look's hot."
Sane Friend: "Fuck That! She looks more like a GILF."

"Hahaha that GILF has his pant's so high they are up around his armpit's."
by Diego August 18, 2003