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Derek, did you see the saggy funbags that 60-year-old hag??? That's a textbook example of a GILF! Aw yeah!!!
by Bolton April 27, 2004
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Like (to)
Did you see Jason's grandmother, the hottest GILF east of the Mississippi?
by Danger November 09, 2003
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Acronym for "Grandma I'd Like to Fuck". Derived from "MILF" (Mother I'd like to fuck)

Generally referring to a sexually attractive middle aged to elderly woman.
Jenny's hotness runs in the family. Her mom is one hot MILF, hell even her grandmother is quite the GILF!
by werdnerd August 24, 2004
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Similar 2 MILF, insted of an M you add a G.

Gradmas I'd Like To Fuck
"Yo, Gustache check that GILF over there" "Daym her hips dont lie"

"When i went to the nursing home i saw quite a few GILFS." mmm

by Yung baby face Killa May 30, 2007
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