A quaint largely unheard of city in Vermont full of homeless people, hippies, and college students. The place where the 60's never died, in fact its just getting started!
Dude 1: Dude lets drive up to Burlington, buy beers and herb off a homeless dude, get some UVM chicks and party all day on North Beach!

Dude 2: Yea man lets do a bbq and share our herb with all the hippies!

Dude 1: Only in Burlington man, only in Burlington!
by njhippiedude420 July 24, 2008
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A growing city located between Hamilton and Toronto. Only Burlingtonians know that there is a difference between kids from millcroft, southburlington and lakeshore. Millcrofters along with orchard kids are assholes shat out by rich people and are extremely sheltered for most of their lives. Although willing to take on any pussy from Oakville Burlingtonians will forever be weary of those from Hamilton.
Burlington Kid: Fuck you oakville fight me!
Oakville kid: I would but i can't... because i dont want to hurt you thats it...ya!
Burlington Kid: Okay bud Okay bud
by foxbox101 January 13, 2010
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A nothing town, located in Connecticut. There is zero diversity, and the highschool and middleschool are shared with the town over, Harwinton, and all the kids are either ridiculously smart, potheads, or emo. the inbetween percentage is very low.
You know your from Burlington when:
-There are often deer and turkey in or around your yard/house
-You, or a ton of people you know are scene
-You don't love your town
-YOu think the people from Harwinton are rednecks
-You call Burlington "B-town"
-Your school didn't even have a football team before this year.
-You go to "Danger Zones"
-You consider CVS the most commercial place in the town
-You go to Cumbys just to chill because there's nothing else to do.
-You ski/snowboard at Ski Sundown
-You go to Lewis Mills, Harbur, or Lake Garda
-Everyone you know thinks they're hotshit.
-Sometimes you get pissed at how many trees there are
-Everyone you know "hates their life"
-You've never been outside of New England
-You watch fireworks at JohnnyCake Mountain on fourth of July
-YOu hang out in the middle of the road
-You've been to Tavern Day more than once.
Kid 1: Hey man whatsup with all these emos and white kids trying to act black??
Kid 2: Dude, we're in Burlington, what do you expect??
by sdfghjklpodfeiw December 25, 2008
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Often a miss spelling of Boreington, Iowa.
A place where watching grass grow is true excitment.
Watching a bingo marathon at the old folks home was a real Burlington.
Waiting in line at the DMV is so Burlington.
by udumbazz June 25, 2012
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A town in South Jersey, right by the Delware River that includes wonderous things like a water tower and a horrible punk scene.
Oh, you're from Burlington...yeah, um, I gotta go.
by Dan Kerstetter March 28, 2005
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a small town in CT, it is preppy and rich. A typical connecticut town.
Burlington is boring.
by snowandskibaby September 12, 2005
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