Meaning a term of self pleasure since being miss read as "wanking time"
Hay what you doing after school

Walking home, want to join me?

No, really no thanks
by GrimReader1234 April 30, 2009
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A Meteorite-Walk-home is when one is walking home after many alcoholic beverages and the stability and co-ordination of that persons walk is almost as if they are walking through a meteorite shower that only they can see, involving staggering, tripping and the occasional fall.
"Oh my, Natalie is so drunk I think she may be in for a heavy Meteorite-walk-home later"
by RyantheWolf May 8, 2010
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After falacio has been preformed in the front seat of your car, you ejaculate in her eyes, punch her in the face, toss her out of the car, and drive home alone.
"dude, I heard you got head last night!"

"yea, but she was a biter."

"That sucks"

"yea, I know, so let her take a foggy walk home"
by StevethePirate15 May 18, 2007
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when you get drunk, puke on the driver, and are kicked out of the car forced to walk the rest of the way.
bob had to take a long walk home because he got junked up and puked on gary.
by Shadow Scythe February 2, 2004
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In the southern tier region of New York state (more specifically Binghamton NY, "craving the walk home" is slang or colloquial term for walking back to ones residence from a particularly far distance after either leaving a function, bar, restaurant, or friends place of residence. This activity usually happens late at night while one is intoxicated.
Person 1: hey why are you in the middle of nowhere on snapmap?
Person 2: I am obscenely plastered and I am craving the walk home back to my dorm; I will be back in an hour.
by Craver4849374832 February 13, 2023
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A sexual act; when you cum in a girls' eye and send her out the door. With or without her clothes. I suppose that's up to you.
You: "My girlfriend was being such a bitch last night."
Me: "Really? What did you do?"
You: "I gave her a foggy walk home!"
Me: "Hahaha, that's funny."
by Robyn Hannah May 26, 2007
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when you get a case of blue balls and end up walking home at 3a.m.
So, how was you date with Sarah lastnight? Well, let's just say it was a long walk home. Damn, you bought that bitch flowers and everything!!
by Naturalbornhater July 23, 2005
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