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Riverside, California is a metropolitan area approx. 70 miles east of Los Angeles, and 50 miles from Newport Beach. Riverside, known as King of the IE (Inland Empire), and capital city of Riverside County.

Riverside is a large city that encompasses over 15 zip codes, which include many upper middle class/wealthy enclaves such as Canyon Crest, Mission Grove, Hawarden Hills, Orangecrest, Hillcrest, Woodcrest, Alessandro Heights, and Victoria Country Club.

Riverside has many luxury car dealerships including Porsche, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Infiniti, Lexus, Jaguar, Cadillac, etc. People in Riverside do most of their high-end shopping in Orange County or the desert luxury outlets, although there is a Nordstrom and Macys located in the city of Riverside.

Riverside often gets a bad image from some of the poor hoods and gang infested areas within the city.

The less fortunate residents of LA and Orange counties (ie. tools not living in Newport Coast, Beverly Hills, Coto de Caza, etc.), who try to ride on the coattails of their wealthy county's hype, often try to give Riverside a bad name to make up for their own miserable existence.

Truth is, Riverside is actually a very nice place to live. In Riverside, either you have it or you don't. Riverside is the epitome of "It ain't trickin if you got it," and Riverside definitely, "Got it."

(BTW, San Diego County happens to be the wealthiest county in SoCal, while San Bernardino is the least wealthiest)
"I'm from Riverside, CA, and I have just as much as you if not more. the difference is, I don't have anything to prove."

"In Riverside, CA, we don't keep up with the Jones because we REALLY are the Jones..."

"Who cares if you live in OC or LA, I live in Riverside, CA, and my shit is paid for, while your shit is loaned out, bitch!"

river city hood rich the riv mission grove riverside bell inland empire riverside orangecrest 951 mission inn
by Icechild September 23, 2011
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Shitty smog and crime ridden hell hole with horrible traffic that is 80% illegals, 10% white trash, and 10% ghetto black people. probably the worst place to live in California besides the Cow town white trash Capitol of Suckramento. Riverside is a pretty big city with nothing to do but meth and crack.
" I needed a Mexican to mow my lawn so I went to Riverside,Ca to get one."
by "J84" April 04, 2008
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Commonly reffered to as "Wiggerside" because of the all the damn tweekers that live there. Its full of illegal immigrants that cant drive and refuse to flush their used toilet paper. They speak english, but prefer not too. Also home to at least 7 rival gangs. Its not hard to spot these gang members because they are cholos with bald tattooed heads, neck, and arms, most of wich wear a tattoo of a giant bell (stop laughing homez !) and socks pulled up to their eyelids. This place is also crawling with bible thumping churchies, gays, alcoholics, and bums . This is not a palce to raise children . There is at least 4 homes for sale on every block and if you do live here still, you have to lock up everything!including your gas tank and mail box. Every single place there is to hang out here has a fight break out (especially childrens places ) .
I wanted to date that girl, but then I found out she lives in Riverside, CA and I was like "Nah , Im straight!"
by Demonicack July 21, 2008
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