The job title of someone that isn't very important but thinks they are. They are given a superintendent title by senior managers who will then be able to get them to do lame, mediocre tasks that managers don't want to do. Usually superintendents have huge egos and are too dumb to realize they are being used by managers to do piss ant level work for very little extra money. Superintendents are the biggest joke in most large organizations.
"Hey, maybe people will think he's more important now he's a supervisor?"

"Bitch please, he ain't no supervisor, he's a superintendent. He's the joke of the whole company. And the only person that thinks he's more important now, is him"

"True that"
by Engineering Dictionary October 10, 2013
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Principal Skinner's boss and nemesis.
Famous for graduating from Intercourse, Pennsylvania
Chalmers (to Bart) - "Now I'm off for my vacation at Lake Titicaca, let's see you make a joke out of that one, smart guy!"
by zutroy January 03, 2005
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sits in the back corner of the workshop and pretends to be busy on the phone. Generally, does Fuck all except in the 24 hours prior to his manager arriving on site. Often believed to be paid paid twice as they are worth.

Wife: what did you do at work today Honey?
Maintenance Super: Fucken Heaps, Get me a rum whilst I get the thought of Planner out of my head.
Maintenence Superintendant is a person in charge of Maintaining equipment in a large organisation
by Knuds March 31, 2011
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Putting off a major decision until the last second
Damn I think im gonna pull a Fairfield Superintendent and not announce early dismissal until 10:00 am
by Diet_Cloak June 07, 2021
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A derogatory term for students who strive to make the grades for the all of the school's honors societies. Singular: superintendent french fry
"Did you apply for NHS?"
"No, I'm not one of those superintendent french fries."
by Geekout95 April 13, 2014
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