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A common pseudonym for "Riverside" High School, located in the happening town of G-Vegas, South Carolina. RHS is full of swagger, money, annoying skinny bitches, hippie stoners, and hardcore niggers. It's claim to fame is the high usage of marijuana, adderall, and acid. Riverside has some pretty famous faculty and students.

David Dalby: science extraordinaire

Bradley Hart: 18yrs old, and has been imprisoned for 19yrs; has a girlfriend with purple hair named Crystal

Stanley Beeks: gator rider; pot smoker

Steve Johnson: bought a mail order bride from Cambodia

Jack Gettys: CLEMSON!?

Riverside is pretty much a joke. You show up for 4 years, get 7895432 late passes from Ms. Whitt, go through 9 lunch shifts, spend $100s on parking tags, and then hear Ms. Austin say your name wrong as you accept your diploma.
Riverside High School David Dalby Bradley Hart Stanley Beeks Steve Johnson Jack Gettys G-Vegas RHS Reeferside
by Wayfinder July 16, 2010
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