Just Him. An individual whose pronouns are him, him, and him. JH is him. If "that guy" was a real person, that guy would be JH because JH is him. JH walks into a room and all eyes are on him. JH always sits courtside at NBA games because JH is him. Men want to be him. Women want to be with him. If you have a JH in your life, don't lose him. JH is him.
Model #1: Did you get invited to the game with JH?
Model #2: I WISH! JH is him.
by JH21 May 9, 2022
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Jung HoSeok! aka, jhope, hobi or sunshine. King of dance in the Kpop industry, rap and vocals. He’s a writer, producer too! Don’t sleep on this man!! He started as a street dancer and is now one of the biggest music artists ever!; along with his fellow bandmates. Hoseok is also extremely fine🙏 and very fun-loving, giving him the nickname ‘sunshine’. even john cena is a fan of him for his talent and great attitude.

I recommend searching ‘Hope On The Street’ on youtube to see him improvise dancing, he’s crazy. Search up ‘Jhope best rap moments’ or something along those lines as well, he is a god of flow

i’ve stanned him (and BTS) since 2016,, no regrets. you should too. if you hate, you’re just prejudice or jealous 😜 you’re missing out,, not me tho!
person 1: Who’s your B.T.S bias?

person 2: JHS!!
by namjoonsbabymomma July 9, 2021
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/jh means just homosexual
The main use of this is right when your friend speaks you can use this to call them a homosexual
Twig: wow what a lovely day!
Mic: /jh
Twig: 🏳️ 🌈💅
by Twiggle Tipson December 10, 2022
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JHS meaning Just Had Sex!

Wow I jhs !!! And it felt great.
by Daani December 9, 2013
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YOur a idiot
Did you just get bored so you wrote JH,jh
by Helloimaidiot664 November 6, 2021
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