A water tower town in southern Oklahoma. A town we’re the road goes on forever and the party never ends. If you like beer and football this is the place for you!!!
Kash: bro, I hear that there is a cool party in Healton. You wanna go?

Weston: nah, man the Real Party is in ringling after the Friday night when the Field lights go out!!
by Real girl yee yee July 24, 2019
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To be extremely high after smoking marijuana.
I'm fucking ringled!
by Miss Lamb June 20, 2009
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Shortening of the phrase "reason I'm single." Used to describe reasons why an awesome single girl thinks she can't get a boyfriend.
I puked while giving him a blowjob...ringle.

Woke up with an empty bag of Doritos and a hunk of cheese in my bed...ringle.

He saw my TiVo of all the Nora Roberts Lifetime movies...ringle.

Choosing Taco C over the guy in the bar...ringle.
by All the Ringle Ladies August 23, 2010
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The Beatles except every musician is Ringo
The ringles playing "The End:" The same drum beat throughout the song that begins to drown you anxiety
by ♥🗺☠ May 25, 2021
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the extreme feeling of discomfort caused by a third party doing something embarrassing - also know as vicarious embarrassment. Symptoms may include, sudden and uncontrollable rectal tightening, wincing, premature ejaculation, and liver failure.
Every time Sara opens her dumb fucking mouth in public I get the ringles.
by UnclePigFat December 23, 2009
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A combination of "ringing" and "strangling" someone or something with a large amount of pressure.
Tilo says : I hate roosters in the morning, i'm gonna ringle them all! and eat them for dinner.

Wakkawakkawakka - Holy shit! poor roosters!
by Yoelakazam & Wiggazard May 11, 2008
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a lazy male specimen whom has very little to live for. A person who has little hope for achievement in his life can be considered a 'ringling'. Typically, these men tend to be very addicted to marijuana and love to chain smoke ciggarettes in order to relieve themselves of the stress they have due to their terrible lives and ginger mothers.
The girl (whome we will call Lauren) was dumped by her boyrfriend, and when asked about it by her friends she replied, "That damn Ringling dumped me because he met a midget called Bridgett who is a rich stripper."
by Lord Sepherkuron April 1, 2009
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