a movement in your body showing pain or distress.
he winced as he stood
by joyful coffee June 8, 2021
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Something gay guys do to straight or other gay guys to get their attention because their gay.
John: Dude, did you see that guy winc at me?
Jack: Yeah, WAIT, winc with a C?!?
John: Yeah, what does that mean?
Jack: That means hes fucking gay dude.
John: Fucking Shit!
by Jack DaCock September 10, 2008
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The teller of a harsh truth without sugar coating, or comforting words. A person of the offbeat and sometimes frowned upon lifestyle of American culture.
Jen: What's the matter.
Nancy: That guy is such a wince, he said I was fat.
by Skean July 22, 2013
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Another name for alcohol. Derived from the wincing face you make when you drink
Can't wait to get wince at the bar with my set.
by King of Ying June 11, 2016
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Another (usu. derogatory) name for the Windows CE series of operating systems for Handheld Computers from Microsoft.
I just nuked Wince on my iPaq and installed Linux!
by Performaman November 4, 2003
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A fuck up that surpasses all other fuck ups before it
Wow did you see Trevor strike out with that chick, he really winced it!
by truemusic53 October 11, 2011
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