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Shortening of the phrase "reason I'm single." Used to describe reasons why an awesome single girl thinks she can't get a boyfriend.
I puked while giving him a blowjob...ringle.

Woke up with an empty bag of Doritos and a hunk of cheese in my bed...ringle.

He saw my TiVo of all the Nora Roberts Lifetime movies...ringle.

Choosing Taco C over the guy in the bar...ringle.
by All the Ringle Ladies August 22, 2010
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the extreme feeling of discomfort caused by a third party doing something embarrassing - also know as vicarious embarrassment. Symptoms may include, sudden and uncontrollable rectal tightening, wincing, premature ejaculation, and liver failure.
Every time Sara opens her dumb fucking mouth in public I get the ringles.
by UnclePigFat December 23, 2009
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A combination of "ringing" and "strangling" someone or something with a large amount of pressure.
Tilo says : I hate roosters in the morning, i'm gonna ringle them all! and eat them for dinner.

Wakkawakkawakka - Holy shit! poor roosters!
by Yoelakazam & Wiggazard May 11, 2008
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A cellphone's musical ring tone, esp. an annoying one.
"Jim left his cellphone on his desk, and its damn ringle distracted me all afternoon."
by Hiram Shadrasky August 14, 2007
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