lick some ones ass hole while their legs are up above their head. Do NOT LET THEM SHIT
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The art of getting your asshole eating out while watching southpark.
Gabe gives ian a RIM JOB on monday and friday nights.
by leroy jenkinss May 26, 2007
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(verb)The act of licking butthole till ones nose bleeds.
As a substitute, the homo's gave eachother rim job's while their herpes broke out
by Kevinhd86 August 05, 2006
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When Someone takes there finger an puts it in someones anus and rubs it in circles around the spinkter
Sydney: I herd pj gave jeff a rim job yesterday afternoon..
Sydney: Did he uses his finger or tounge in circles around his asshole?
Leda: i think pj used both cause you know how he loves to give rim jobs
by pinelipy June 18, 2007
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A person who is spends a majority of there time playing or obsessing over the game SkyRim.
Roommate 1: "Dude Jeff took the television from the living room too his friends place too continue his skyrim binge after playing six hours today, I just want to use it for five minutes"
Roommate 2: "At least we dont have to watch or hear that RIMJOB play anymore."
by LilThorski January 15, 2012
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The perfect rimjob is when a girl actually inserts her tongue into your anus and stimulates the prostate.
"hey last night I got that crack whore Jess to give me a perfect rimjob"
"that's awesome dude, when I'm high on meth its like the only way I can get hard"
"she's coming over again tonight, if you wanna tag team"
"totally bro, I'm gonna cum in her eyes"
by skumliterati March 11, 2015
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When a girl puts her legs behind her head, and a man licks circles around her asshole.
Women:Where is Jane tonight?
Man:Oh, she's getting a rim job
by Dr.Bobbob February 08, 2011
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