To lick the outside of the anus while having sexual intercourse.
My girlfriend gave me a rimjob after she was done sucking me.
by Poopoh12 May 06, 2014
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The art of getting your asshole eating out while watching southpark.
Gabe gives ian a RIM JOB on monday and friday nights.
by leroy jenkinss May 26, 2007
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to stick ones penis in and around the hole of ones anus
man1: "how was last night with stacey"
man2: "i gave her the best rimjob shes ever had"
by ayshun October 12, 2011
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Is when you get a piece of dry skin in your nail and it HURTS LIKE A MOTHA TRUCKER to take offf
Person 1: I got a rim job last night
Person 2: ikr it really hurts
by Dockerssssss June 04, 2019
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Slang term for a slam dunk in a basketball game.
β€œHey did you see Lebron’s rim job in the game last night?”
β€œYea bro!”
by superscooter233 January 29, 2018
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the type of thing that if you say you like it by accident you'll get shamed about

(it means licking and or having your ass licked in sex)
Annoying Fortnite Kid 1: Holy shit bro, I just got a rimjob
the guy who says K: ew
via giphy
by Womp99 September 24, 2020
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