Latin orgin of "hateridge", this word is used to define true playa hatin at it's best.
The man coming out of the movie theatre was ridged on instanly when his ex-girlfriend approached his date.
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noun, driving term used to describe the phenomenon of passing through a series of traffic lights just as the lights are turning yellow.
Elliot made it to Tom's house in half the usual time due to hitting a sweet ridge on Route 130.

Dave's prayers to the traffic gods were answered when he caught a long ridge and was able to make it to work on time.
by captnscud March 20, 2012
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A hot,smart,sexy,unique guy that most girls fall for him. He's very attractive and has a good body. Once you have a Ridge in your life you'll never love another guy like you love Ridge. He knows how to make you laugh even when u don't want to. He can be childish but also serious. He's Perfect <3
"That guy looks like a Ridge, i don't want to fall for him but i know i will."
by Cannon857 July 28, 2017
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cute, hot, sexy boy. He is sweet, funny and caring. He will always find away to make you laugh no matter what mood your in. He makes you feel like your the greatest person in the world. He is the greatest boyfriend you could have and you would have to be really lucky to have him as one. He does what he wants and acts like a kid but thats just the way he likes it. He doesnt care what people think. He is strong and has an awesome body. he is the most amazing guy alive.
by girl over there November 12, 2009
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How Ridgely was that hit? It is out of the park!
by -Roger the Shrubber- February 3, 2010
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The most beautiful man alive who rivals god himself. He's somehow everything good ever all at once and nobody can compare with him or even get near his level of higher intelect and sheer strength in every huge muscle in his humungous gigantomachea Egyptian god like body. Ridge is the coolest guy i know and that is an indisputable, objective fact. Anyone who disagrees is a lower level thinking troglodyte with absolutely zero redeeming qualities. In conclusion, Ridge is the best person ever created and i have never been so grateful for having something as when i met him. He is intelligent, strong, hot, and most importantly, cooler than the arctic breeze. I must go meet him so he can solve all of my problems within seconds with little effort and make me a better person. Goodbye losers for you shall not compare to Ridge, the ultimate being.
Wow Ridge is so cool omg i can't believe he accidentally bumped into me im gonna faint rn
by Anonymous stranger 1 February 11, 2021
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Slang for a small poor backwater town really named Mineral Ridge, in Ohio. The term is generally used by people that are relatively wealthy and are somewhat embarrassed by where they live. "The Ridge" is a struggling town on the outskirts of Youngstown, Ohio, with a history of political and criminal links to Youngstown.
First Peasant: Yo, mo, wheres you bees from...?
Answering Peasant: From the Ridge beeyatch.
First Peasant: Oh, ahem, well, I really am sorry to hear that.
by James Traficannte July 12, 2006
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