Matt Parenti is such a sexy boy!

Dayyyyyyum! Matt Parenti you a mad sexy boy!
by yobabygurrrrrl October 19, 2010
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A Sexy Boy is a boy who is honestly really socially awkward so you call him a sexy boy around all his friends because he needs validation, but he's probably like a 6 at best (and that’s being a bit generous).
"Oh uh... Hey Riley, man you sure are one... uh... Sexy Boy!...
by Coffee to help me sleep April 09, 2019
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a sexy boy Kevin is the most sexy person alive and you will never meet another one besides me and the other Kevin that your thinking of.
by sexy_boy_apple March 10, 2020
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Okay you sick gay (unless your female) Fuck I've already contacted the FBI and their on the way to you shady hut were you keep the other little boys your reign of pedophilia is over.
Hey henry did you see that Sexy Little Boy

Bro dont fucking talk to me you fucking Pedophile
by Naruto's FBI Agent May 22, 2020
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