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A tough but depressed city in Northeastern Ohio. Once a great Steel producing city, Youngstown has seen pressing times since the collapse of the Steel industry in the late 1970s. It is a hometown without a large economy but has the potential to obtain one. It has many different ethnic backgrounds and many humble beginnings for many successful people. Youngstown has a reputation for crime and corruption in every avenue of social and public affairs. It may be considered one of the most prevalently racist communities that in turn, also has so many cultures to boot. Youngstown has many problems as many American cities do, but it has one thing that most cities don't: Pride. Pride for what? The strength to continue onward no matter what complication befalls the area is what true Pride is. To have the notion that "We have endured" is reason enough to be proud. There is a deep bitterness in many who blame the area for their own shortcomings and the may be accurate in doing so. But Youngstown is a place that forces you to strive for the better or fall by the wayside because there are no other options
Youngstown, Ohio: the main city of the valley forged from Steel.
by suburbanBLKkid November 05, 2013
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