A Richard in usually tall,strong features and has a nice body, But they can be very anxious jumpy and insecure but don't think you can mess with them Richard's are loyal and will do anything for his friends so don't get on the wrong side of them or him. Richard loves people and usually gets on with everyone but he'll have one group of people he likes more than others, Richard is a hopeless romantic and will think he can only fall in love once so don't hurt him to much cause it destroys him
He's so loyal, he's a Richard
by Samcode March 11, 2018
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A euphemism for dick, penis, cock, the D, sausage, etc.
A richard came to the richard fest with his richard in a box. A richard sucker opened the box, saw the richard and got richard envy.

Is a euphemism for:

A dick came to the sausage fest with his dick in a box. A cock sucker opened the box, saw the D and got penis envy.
by Don't Be A Richard September 27, 2014
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The most bad ass guy you'll ever meet. He is above all others in superiority and some even say he surpasses the anchor of mortality. He could destroy the world if he chose to but decides not to for some reason beyond anyone else's comprehension.
Every Hot Girl Ever: "I want Richard inside me so much"

Richard Halfway across the world: "I can do that for all of you"
by Nigga Burner September 14, 2017
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The best boyfriend a girl could have. He may not look the best at times and sometimes he may be a bit of a dick but he truly loves you. No matter how much he acts like he doesn’t.
Richard is remarkable.
by Sarahksbruh February 20, 2019
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An absolutely amazing guy. They're usually very passionate about the person they love but have trouble showing it. As their name means 'Strong Leader', they truly are strong and powerful leaders. No matter how dangerous they seem, they have the most gentle touch with their lovers. I never met a Richard not willing to save his girl from any pain, even just a trip. But no matter how strong they are, they are just as oblivious to being treated wrong by a girl. They forgive not very easily. Overall, you're a good person if a Richard trusts you.
Girl 1: Did you see Richard?
Girl 2: Well, duh.

Girl 1: Emma is said to be dating him.
Girl 1: Ugh! So lucky!
by HuffFluff September 17, 2017
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He is amazing, caring, loving, and so cool. He is friends with everybody, and he cares for all of them to. He hardly gets annoyed,mad,or stressed out. He loves to hang out with his friends and his girlfriend and he is always there for his friends
Stranger: man he is the definition of richard

Dude: yeah his name is richard
by Lilcool October 21, 2017
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