someone's determination to follow a purpose or intent
The assassin's resolve to kill the guy was amazing." "The teacher resolved to have the students read once a week.
by The Hooded Boy December 26, 2011
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at the worlds end giving up, but not giving up, finding peace with one self if I may say.
Resolvance - Resolving your problems, finding peace in a way that doesn't afflict anyone or your dreary past
resolvance achieved by a wise man
by resolvance April 30, 2021
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something that doesn't have
hey does your cheat have a resolver???
no i use skeet
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To be pigheaded in the face of failure. To continue a failed policy.
George W. Bush said "We resolve to stay the course in Iraq"
by nunyabiz September 3, 2005
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noun- resolution, the act of coming to a mutual conclusion
My boss and I were having problems, but we found resolvement.
by Bruce White May 1, 2008
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Indicating a pointless attempt that is doomed to failure. Proven true by Bush's invasion of Afghanistan.
"It has been resolved that the United States will declare war with Afghanistan."
by Slow XxX Learner April 5, 2010
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Instilled in the heart of every true warrior is a determination to succeed in the face of adversity and the resilience to stand back up when we fall, for failure is just a lesson learned and does not define who we are, this is called a "warriors resolve".
Me: After everything Joe has been through this past year, he is still determined to succeed.

Friend: Joe has a "Warriors Resolve".
by H2O RIOTS January 17, 2019
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