A group of persons that have taken control over a country using militairy force.Always dictatorial mostly fascist.

Example: Birma
You fascist junta! - Rick Mayal
by Joram June 8, 2004
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junta is a hindi word which means "people" or "crowd". Also used to indicate "crowd" or "the kind of people" at some place.
Lot of junta came for the I-ROCK concert.
How was the junta at the exhibition?etc.
by Padmanabh April 15, 2005
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The small area of skin in between:
a mans testicles and his asshole, or
a females vagina and her asshole.
It contains a dense number of nerve endings hence it is extremely sensitive. It is a particularly good area for fondling and licking between lovers or oneself
She loves foreplay dude, so just rub her junta a little bit and then you can do whatevers pleasure
by body inzpector October 24, 2008
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an actual radiant ball of sunshine, too pure for this world, everybody wants to date her but nobody is good enough from her. very good at taking care of her cats and picking out gifts for her friends!
junta just gave me the coolest present!
by ilovejunta1000 January 11, 2021
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Junta is a studio album by the 90's Jam band Phish
phish is a great band and Junta is one of the best ones.
by Pokemonfreak1231 December 10, 2004
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The absolute best Phish album and quite possibly my favorite album of all time. Go buy it right now, you will not be disappointed.
Pretty Awesome Dude #1: Dude! i just bought Junta and it's fuckin' amazing!
Pretty Awesome Dude #2: *takes a hit*
by phishlove November 26, 2005
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Substitute teacher at school. You might see him around carrying a yellow bag, it might reak a bit.

He looks a bit like a "brrh". He is very good at teaching.
"nor talking you" "turn aaarround you"
"give me your diary book" "yeah 10..."
by nor May 24, 2004
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