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The greatest political comic strip ever. Gave the world Opus the Penguin and disappeared after the first Bush administration.
Berkeley Breathed, where the hell have you gone?
by Brian X July 2, 2003
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A person who gets to make fun of bleeding hearts and knee-jerk cryptofascists at the same time.
Yeah, you got your conservatives and your liberals, but how do you actually get anything done without the moderates making the deals?
by Brian X July 4, 2003
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An object mounted inside a computer that holds data. Not to be confused with the computer itself, the hard drive in the average desktop computer is made of metal and is about the size of a mass-market paperback book.
He said he was having a problem with a port on the hard drive... of course he'd actually blown the controller chip on his USB card and the hard drive was just fine. I didn't know whether to applaud the fact that he knew what the problem was or cry because he still didn't know the right words for it.
by Brian X October 21, 2003
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A former writer for Saturday Night Live, now better known as a liberal activist and comedy writer. Has incited the wrath of many a conservative mainly for cheerfully shoving their own slimeball tactics back in their face. Currently getting very rich off a stupid lawsuit filed by Fox News and dismissed by a very annoyed judge.
"The nice thing about Al Franken is that he doesn't take himself anywhere near as seriously as Michael Moore."
by Brian X September 22, 2003
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After watching Good Eats for a couple of weeks, I too am now an Alton Brown whore... and I'm proud of it.
by Brian X June 22, 2003
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The 43d President of the United States, a man whose greatest legacy will be remembered as international controversy, massive budget deficits, and a near total lack of anything even remotely resembling diplomacy in his political dealings.
by Brian X September 22, 2003
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A bunch of extreme right-wing headcases who think that God talks to them (signs of schizophrenia?) and want to return our society to the Middle Ages. Noted mainly for racism, misogyny, and a complete lack of independent thought.
by Brian X July 1, 2003
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